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pacific_fic's Journal

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This is the LJ community for fanfic pertaining to The Pacific, a mini-series by HBO about the Pacific theater of WWII. Please feel free to post to your heart's content, but please follow by a few rules while doing so:

- Please don't post a link to a fic/etc. to a locked LJ. Make a separate post with your fic here so that community members are able to read it. If you have it posted to an unlocked fic journal, feel free. But many times when a fic is locked to a private journal, people cannot read it.

- Feel free to post your RPS here, as long as it The Pacific related.

- There will be explicit adult content posted here for some fics (both of the slash and het nature), so please read at your own risk and be aware of where you read it. The mods are not going to take responsibility or play babysitter. If you get in trouble with someone for what you're reading, we expect you to hold yourself responsible.Simple as that.

- Tags will be created/managed by the moderators. Please do not create tags that do not belong. The mods will take care of this according to the fic that is posted.

- Drama won't be tolerated. If you stir wank up in the community, you're gone. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. When you join this community, you're joining under the impression that you're going to be nice to other community members.

How to post your fic:

- Everything must go under an LJ cut. If you do not know how to do this, please refer to here. If you are still having issues, a mod will be happy to help you.

- Please use this general guidline when posting:


(Note: It does not neccessarily have to go in this order, but it should look something like this)

- Please mention if you have ANY spoilers at all for the mini-series in the warning. They were based on books and accounts by the Marines who were fighting, so for those who have read the books, please mark that your fic contains spoilers so that people just keeping up with the mini-series don't know what happens until the end.

- As of 4/27/10, all community to the fic is to be locked to members only.

-If anyone has any other questions, please contact utapau, legit or uniformly and we will do our best as mods to answer your questions.